Thursday, 13 February 2014

Celebrating Welsh Culture

We live in Wales

17.02.14 - 07.03.14

Over the next two weeks we will be discussing how the people in Wales celebrate Welsh culture.

We will look at the Welsh flag and emblems of Wales.

We will be making daffodils and leeks.

We will look at the Welsh costume. We will learn what each item is called.

We will be learning Welsh songs and rhymes in preparation for our school eisteddfod.

We will have a demonstration on how to make Welsh cakes. We will follow simple instructions for this recipe.

Activities linked to our topic

School Eisteddfod. - We will dress in traditional costume. We will perform Welsh songs, rhymes, poetry and folk dances.
Visit to St. Fagan. - We will be experiencing how people lived long ago in Wales.

Suggested activities to carry out at home.

Make a daffodil using hand prints.

Look at this picture. 
Can you make a daffodil like this? 
Make your own daffodil picture.

Map of Wales

Look at a map of Wales. 
Can you find where you live?
Do you know your address? Write it in your Homework book.

Where in Wales are we?

Look at these pictures.
Do you recognise these famous sites?

Write the answers in your Homework book.

Can you find other popular places / sites in Wales?
Print out pictures and ask your teachers and friends where they are.

Books related to the topic you can read/discuss at home:

Sali Mali
Sam Tan / Fireman Sam

Songs you could sing at home:

Mi Welais Jac Y Do
Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau traed...
Un bys, dau bys...

Birds and Chinese New Year

Big Schools' Birdwatch: 20th  January - 14th  February 2014

Over the next two weeks we will be participating in Big Schools' Birdwatch. 

We have already made 'Bird Cake' and placed them around our school grounds and wild area.
We are now ready to record the number of birds we see and the different types of birds that visit our school grounds and wild area.

Visit the the RSPB website for more information.

Suggested activities to carry out at home.

Songs and Rhymes.

Learn a song or rhyme about birds e.g. Two Little Dickie Birds, Five Little Ducks.

Favourite Bird.

Draw a picture of your favourite bird. Gather information about this bird and share it with your friends in school.

Chinese New Year

This week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. We will also be studying aspects of the Chinese culture.

This year it is the year of the 'Horse'.

Suggested activities to carry out at home.

Chinese Zodiac

There are 12 Animal Zodiac Signs.
Write them down and draw the animal picture for each one.
What is your Animal Zodiac Sign?

Collect a Chinese Menu

Visit your local Chinese restaurant, collect a menu and bring it into school. 
If your menu has numbers next to the name of each dish, write about your favourite Chinese food using the numbers on the menu. 
Ask your teacher and friends to work out your favourite meal.

Look at the menu below and work out your teachers order.

Miss Yelland has ordered :-   24  43  84
Mrs Plimmer has ordered:-   4   8   32
Mrs Davies has ordered:-   11   25   26

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Our theme this term is Plants and Animals. Over the next fortnight we will be studying 'Owls'. We will be learning about nocturnal animals and features of these animals.

Suggested activities to carry out at home.

Night and Day Walk. 

Ask a grown-up to go on a walk with you during different times of the day, for example morning, afternoon and evening. Talk about your experiences. Make a 'Night and Day' picture/collage/photograph album.

Nocturnal Animals.

Look for different pictures of nocturnal animals.
Create a collage of 'Nocturnal Animals'.

2D Shape Picture

Create a picture of an owl or a nocturnal animal using 2D shapes.

Information Technology/Art & Craft

Visit the RSPB website learn about 'Big Garden Birdwatch 25-26 January 2014'.
Make a ' Bird Feeder' or 'Bird Cake' and place it in the garden.
Take photographs of your 'Bird Feeder' and the birds that visit your garden.

 Books related to the topic which you can read/discuss at home.

Owl Babies
The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark
The Owl and The Pussycat
The Littlest Owl
Y Gwdihw A Gysgodd Drwy'r Nos